A region where healthy, local food is at the heart of community


We support the Comox Valley community in gaining food-systems
skills and knowledge to increase food security, self-sufficiency, and local
food production across the region.

1. We will increase the effectiveness and reach of our food access and food
literacy programs by 25% or more over the next three years
2. We will support local/provincial decision makers to accelerate policy which
enables community food security and prioritizes the growth of local food systems
3. We will engage in strategies to continue to attract highly qualified and skilled
people into our organization
4. The LUSH Valley Board of Directors is a working board responsive to the
organizations needs. Directors act as ambassadors for the organization and
focus on policy and governance issues
5. We are considered to be a highly skilled, reputable organization doing
important, collaborative work in the community. Our communications strategy
produces consistent engaging good news stories. People aware of our work and
why it is important to engage with us.
6. We will increase our partnerships and collaborations with: First Nations,
School District 71, seniors, social service agencies, local food organizations and
businesses, provincial and national food organizations, VIHA food hubs, local,
provincial and federal governments.
7. To increase our internal capacity and widen our reach, we will increase our
annual operating budget by 25% or more each year for the next 3 years.
8. We will aim where possible to acquire assets when needed and build
infrastructure to support programming, organizational development and
community impact.
9. We will work to create further organizational and administrative systems to
streamline processes, scale projects, evaluate community impact and create
more institutional memory