The Food Share Program was introduced as a response to the growing need for healthy food access and delivery as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. It comprised of the Good Food Box and Hot Meal Programs.

With the help of volunteers, partners and funders, from April to December 2020, we supported our community and delivered: 

  • 11, 447 Good Food Boxes 
  • 25, 989 Hot Meals


Our Hot Meal Program provides hot (and frozen) lunches to individuals, delivered through our partner organizations.
Partners for the Hot Meal Program include:

  • Better at Home
  • Comox Valley Affordable Housing Society
  • Comox Valley Senior Support Society
  • Indigenous Education
  • Maple Pool Campground
  • The Sonshine Lunch Club

Put fondly by one of our clients:

“This service makes me feel like someone out there is thinking of me and bringing me a little love 3 times a week. To all the volunteers, just know you are making us feel better through this terrible time. Thank you.” 



The Good Food Box is a large grocery bag of fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs, available every other week. We include 50% or more local food in each order to support our Comox Valley Farmers and Growers. No-cost boxes are available through our partner organizations:

  • BC Housing Washington Apartments
  • Comox Valley Family Services
  • Comox Valley Head Injury Society
  • Cumberland Food Share
  • The Junction – John Howard Society
  • Lions Valley View Estates
  • Maple Pool Campground
  • Wachiay Friendship Centre

Our partnerships are diverse, ranging from organizations supporting their clients in registering for services through LUSH Valley, to partners operating as ‘hubs’ to distribute hot meals and/or no-cost Good Food Boxes to their clients, to organizations teaming up with LUSH to provide the people-power, food and transportation to bring these services to the wider community.

In addition to our existing no-cost program, we have two new options available for 2021: our Community Good Food Boxes and subsidized Good Food Boxes.

To read more about the 2021 updates to the Good Food Box program, click here.

Community Good Food Box:

Community Boxes can be ordered by everyone through our online Good Food Box Store. This is a great way to get local food at a great value while also supporting LUSH Valley and local farms. You can support others in our community by purchasing an additional “Gift Box” with your order that will go to someone who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

Cost (covers the cost of food in your Box + a proportion of program operating costs):
Regular size Good Food Box (suggested 1-2 people): $30.00
Large size Good Food Box (suggested 3-4 people): $40.00
X-Large size Good Food Box (suggested 5+ people): $50.00

Subsidized Good Food Box:

Our Subsidized Boxes are available for households experiencing financial barriers to meeting their food needs. If you are interested in this program or if you would like to get on the waitlist for a No-Cost Box please apply here.

Cost (60% off the value of food in a Box + excludes program operating costs):
Regular size Good Food Box (suggested 1-2 people): $10.00
Large size Good Food Box (suggested 3-4 people): $14.00
X-Large size Good Food Box (suggested 5+ people): $18.00


To apply for a subsidized Good Food Box or join the waitlist for a No-Cost Box, please complete the form below.

While we are taking requests, please note that your completion of this form does not confirm that you will receive food immediately.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


If you are part of a community organization that would like to partner with our Food Share Program to get food to the clients you serve, we would love to hear from you.

Please email us at


If you are a business, restaurant or farmer with food available to donate to the Food Share program, thank you for thinking of us.

Please email us at

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