Community Collaboration in Action - The Creation of a CV Food Policy Council

LUSH Valley is being supported by the Comox Valley Regional District to create a regional Food Policy Council (CVFPC).

Read about the CVRD’s motion here.

The first CV-FPC meeting will be on Oct 2nd, 2019.

We will be discussing our role as advocates for policy and planning processes that will enable more food security, local food production and food systems education across the region.  We now have 15 members confirmed and are looking forward to collaborating and supporting positive change in our community.

What is a Food Policy Council?

Food Policy Councils (FPCs) are comprised of individuals from all aspects of a local food system. A Food Policy Council is an innovative collaboration between citizens and government officials. The goal is to provide a forum for advocacy and policy development that works towards the creation of a food system that is ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially just. The primary goal of many FPCs is to examine the operation of a local food system and provide ideas and policy recommendations for how it can be improved.

The following video, out of North Carolina, is specific to its region and also gives us a great example of an engaged Food Council and what it can do for its community.

Watch a video that describes Food Councils.

Want to know more about the CVFPC? Please email Maurita Prato at