The Of Course I Can! facilitator will teach 8 hands-on canning workshops over the course of the summer on best practices for both hot water bath method for high acid foods and pressure canning method for low acid foods with the primary focus on safety to a class of 10 participants per workshop. Classes will use the fresh, local fruits and vegetables from LUSH Valley’s Fruit Tree Program and Farm Gleaning and Food Recovery programs whenever possible, as well as produce from local farms. LUSH Valley pays $150 per workshop for preparation & facilitation and reimburses the cost of food supplies (within our budget). Purpose Our Healthy Food Programming provides:

  1. Access to healthy food and hands on canning experience and safety for participants
  2. Encouragement and modeling of healthy attitudes towards food and a chance to build self-confidence/self-esteem
  3. A safe space for social connectedness among peers and chance to develop relationships with positive role models in the community

Location Lake Trail Middle School Kitchen, Courtenay BC Requirements Must have up-to-date canning experience and knowledge, a background in cooking, culinary arts or a passion for sharing your knowledge about good food and canning. Lots of confidence, energy and a positive, fun attitude makes this series of canning workshops a fun and memorable experience for all. You will…

  1. Plan and facilitate the Of Course I Can! Canning workshop series.
  2. Purchase food and supplies within budget and submit receipts.
  3. Engage program participants in canning in a safe environment.
  4. Ensure that kitchen is left clean and borrowed equipment is cleaned and returned.
  5. Consult and debrief upon the completion of the Of Course I Can! Canning workshop series with LUSH Valley Program Manager.

Food Safe Level 1 and up-to-date canning experience is a must. Criminal Record Check or Vulnerable Sector Background Check required. Please apply with a cover letter and resume to Andrea at no later than June 22nd, 2018.