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april 2020

On April 22, the CVFPC co-hosted a farmers meeting to understand the needs of food growers at this time. Results from this meeting can be found here.

Before the pandemic hit the CVFPC has hosted a strategic planning session to clarify its priorities and sort itself into subcommittees. Since then, the CVFPC has done some work to look at the proposed subcommittees and what has emerged and is putting its energy into developing some of these areas:

The Food Supply Disruption Subcommittee formed at the end of April with the purpose of:

1. Understanding our food supply globally and locally, during the pandemic
2. Advocating that our emergency response and governments have food security and food supply issues and planning on their agendas
3. Helping to ensure that food supply and food security planning is part of any emergency response in the future.

The Municipal Policy Subcommittee has been working to support requests for urban agriculture policy in Comox and Courtenay led by CVFPC members Wendy Mortin and Stephanie McGowin. The communications subcommittee and others are being developed now.

March 2020

    In mid-March 2020, the CVFPC started meeting twice monthly to mobilize an emergency response and to ensure that the communities most vulnerable had access to food. On March 30 a press release stated:

    LUSH Valley Food Action Society and the Comox Valley Food Policy Council have been working on an emergency food accessibility response to the [then emerging] pandemic. In early March, when food hoarding and panic buying was resulting in food shortages for the most vulnerable in our community, we mobilized to find donations of food to bring to the Comox Valley Food Bank, Comox Valley Family Services, tenants at the Washington Apartments and other Social Service agencies in need.

    “The necessarily collaborative nature of this response cannot be understated” said LUSH Valley’s Executive Director, Maurita Prato. “This type of mobilized response could not have been possible without the co-operation of the Comox Valley Food Policy Council, the Coalition to End Homelessness, the Community Health Network and countless other partner agencies and supporters across the region. The power of these relationships, and the generosity of all involved has given me great hope in this very difficult time”.

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