The goal of the Comox Valley Food Policy Council (CVFPC) is to provide a forum for advocacy and policy development that works towards the creation of a food system that is ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially just. The CVFPC is coordinated by LUSH Valley Food Action Society with financial support from the Comox Valley Regional District. The inaugural meeting was held in October, 2020. Read about the Terms of Reference here.


  1. Guided by its own Terms of Reference that outline specific details for composition, membership, and governance of council.
  2. Supported in principle by the CVRD; includes appointed representatives from all four municipal and regional governments.
  3. A hybrid of civil society organizations and government representatives—not an official committee of the CVRD—receiving financial support from a variety of sources. 


  1. Supporting the development and implementation of a regional Agricultural and Food Security Area Plan.
  2. Supporting Official Community Plans, the Regional Growth Strategy, and municipal and regional planning processes.
  3. Acting as an advisory board for local representatives or others who seek guidance on the development, engagement, and/or implementation of food policy.


  1. Supporting emergency planning and preparedness in relation to food security, the local food economy, and climate change adaptation/mitigation.
  2. Advocating for and developing policy related to healthy school food access and food-systems education.
  3. Supporting and advocating for policy development relating to food access and poverty.
  4. Developing local food procurement policies for institutions.

What is a Food Policy Council?

A Food Policy Council is a group comprised of individuals from across a region’s food system. The primary goal of many Food Policy Councils is to examine the operation of a local food system and provide ideas and policy recommendations for how it can be improved.

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