LUSH Valley and other food security and frontline services are blocked from accessing the 75% Wage Subsidy under current rules.
Please help us to advocate for food security and frontline non-profits. 

Four weeks ago we saw a dramatic surge in needs regarding food access. That need continues to grow in our community. We have increased our fundraising efforts to purchase food, gift cards and hire a chef and coordinator to roll out our Emergency Food Share programs.

The generosity of our community has been incredible, however, under the current rules, we must show a decline in revenues relating to COVID in order to access the wage subsidy program that the federal government has put in place.  This puts frontline food security and other charities across Canada in a squeeze

While the need for our service is increasing, we are being penalized for raising funds to meet those needs. For organizations such as LUSH Valley, access to this funding would help us not only to reach more people in need but also to increase our ability to support the local food economy and hire people that are currently out of work to help us more efficiently run our programs.

We need your help to advocate for food security and other front line nonprofits so we can access the 75% wage subsidy without needing to show a decrease in revenues. 

If you represent an organization please sign the petition:

Stay tuned for other ways to show your support.

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