You heard it here first, folks. Our popular Prune-Along Program is back for a third season! This program pairs tree care experts with participating tree owners to pass on the fundamentals of fruit tree care and pruning.

Each Prune-Along Session takes place in the homeowner’s yard and is tailored to meet their individual needs and goals.

Sessions focus on the three essentials of tree care:

  • Creating an ideal tree shape for ease of harvest
  • Optimizing sun penetration and air flow to increase fruit quality
  • Pruning to promote vigor

This program offers an opportunity for tree stewards to gain the skills and knowledge required to keep their trees healthy and productive for years to come. The program is intended for tree owners/stewards who have the physical ability to maintain their trees, but lack the technical skills or knowledge.

Pruning Services:

For those tree stewards who don’t have the interest or capacity to participate in a prune-along session, pruning services are also available.

As with the Prune-Along Sessions, we won’t be using ropes or chainsaws to perform the prune, so these services are best utilized on small to medium-sized trees.


These programs will run February through March, 2022. The pruning season is a short 2 months, during a time of fickle weather. As such, only a limited number of prune-along sessions or pruning services are available this season.

Each Prune-Along Session is two hours long and costs $150.00.

LUSH Valley will provide all of the necessary tools and ladders for the class.

Tree Eligibility:

For safety reasons, we only work on orchard ladders 12 ft or lower and undergo no rope work or tree climbing. Excessively tall trees may not be appropriate for this program.

All cuts will be made with hand saws, so any tree requiring major saw work will need the assistance of a professional arborist.

For more information and to register your tree, click here.

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