LUSH Valley’s second annual Farm to Table Fundraiser is happening Sunday, September 18!

This event will showcase the rich, abundant flavours of the Comox Valley through a series of dishes prepared by the Chefs of LUSH Valley & The Farmer’s Kitchen Food Truck. Guests will take in the serenity of Amara Farm while enjoying meals alongside local beverages and live music. At the end of the event, those interested may join Arzeena for a tour of the farm.

Proceeds from the event will support LUSH Valley to install a commercial kitchen and continue to nourish the Comox Valley community into the long-term future.

Join us at the Farm on September 18th for an afternoon or evening of community, connection, and delicious local food. For more information and to purchase your tickets, click here.

The Farmer’s Kitchen Food Truck draws inspiration from a variety of global street vendors and puts a vibrant twist on dishes by highlighting local, in-season ingredients. Since July 2021, the Farmer’s Kitchen has been collaborating with LUSH Valley on a number of fundraising events, as well as the beloved Hot Meal Program.

Amara Farm was established in 2012 by Arzeena Hamir and Neil Turner who shared a dream to grow healthy food for their community. The Farm received its certified organic status in 2015 and has since earned awards such as the Land of Plenty Award (2018) and the Comox Valley Record’s Best Market Vendor (2019).

Please note: There are a maximum of 64 tickets available per seating. Tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to the event.

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