In partnership with the Comox Valley Community Health Network and the Comox Valley Social Planning Society, LUSH Valley Food Action Society hosted an All Candidates Forum focused on the social determinants of health. Click here to see candidates’ responses from the event on October 7th.

Candidates were asked 11 questions related to the social determinants of health. They were sent the questions a few days prior. Questions came from 5 local organizations and attendees. Each candidate had 7 minutes to answer each question in a small group, with a scribe at each table. The scribes did their best to capture the essence of the answers. Please note: these answers have been collected from the various scribes and have not been edited due to time constraints in getting them posted publicly.  

To view responses from candidates in the various electoral areas, please navigate the sheets at the bottom of the document. All Comox Valley Mayoral and Council Candidates were invited to the All Candidates Forum. Some candidates were unable to attend and sent in their written responses (indicated). If you do not see a candidate’s name in the chart, they were either non-responsive, unable to attend, or cancelled.

The Comox Valley Community Health Network, the Comox Valley Social Planning Society, and LUSH Valley Food Action Society would like to thank our team of volunteer scribes who generously donated their time to this event.

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