If you’re feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by the yield of your fruit trees, LUSH Valley’s Prune-Along program may be able to help.

Prune-Along pairs tree care experts with participating tree stewards to pass on the fundamentals of fruit tree care and pruning. Each Prune-Along session takes place in the homeowner’s yard and is tailored to meet their individual needs and goals.

Prune-Along sessions will be available four times a week from January 16 to March 27. For those tree stewards who don’t have the interest or capacity to participate in a Prune-Along session, pruning services are also available.

Sessions focus on the three essentials of tree care:

  • Creating an ideal tree shape for ease of harvest
  • Optimizing sun penetration and air flow to improve fruit quality
  • Pruning to promote good health

“Each year when LUSH Valley comes, our trees are treated with the utmost respect” says homeowner Mary Bogue. “The team thoughtfully decides which areas to prune, takes care with every cut, and is always willing to educate us in regards to the trees.”

When the harvest season approaches, LUSH Valley hopes participants will consider having their trees picked by the organization’s keen volunteers.

“We are heading into our 4th year of Prune-Along, followed by our 21st year of the Fruit Tree Program. We see these programs as a way to keep our ‘community orchard’ healthy, resilient and abundant for years to come, says Maurita Prato, Executive Director.

Each Prune-Along session is two hours long and costs $150.00. LUSH Valley supplies all of the equipment and ladders required.

“By placing pruning in the hands of LUSH Valley, our pear trees are able to produce more delicious pears to share with the community each year. We receive many compliments on how the trees look, and this year we will be adding more fruit trees to the program,” says Bogue.

For more information and to register, click here.

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