We’re branching out to help local tree stewards protect their fruit trees against drought and pests

With more extreme temperatures and increased moisture, our regions’ fruit trees require more care and direction to be resilient. LUSH Valley is pleased to be launching a new branch of the Prune-Along program to help: Summer Pruning and Integrated Pest Management.

Starting this June, LUSH Valley will be offering a series of 1-on-1 workshops where fruit tree experts will work with participating tree stewards to pass on the essentials of fruit tree care, summer pruning, and pest management. Sessions are available on Sundays and Mondays from June through July. Each ninety minute session costs $150 and takes place on a homeowner’s property, tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. All equipment and ladders are supplied and transported by LUSH.

Pruning in the summer reduces growth and vigour, helping to maintain the size of dwarfing and espalier-style trees, and to stay on top of water shoots after a hard winter prune. Employing pest management techniques can help reduce the impact of common diseases and pests such as aphids, scab, and coddling moth.

If you’re interested in taking proactive steps to improve the health of your fruit trees and produce higher quality fruit, this program is for you. LUSH Valley’s coaching and guidance address a range of challenges that can affect the fruit trees in our region.

The Prune-Along program is in line with LUSH Valley’s mission to “support the Comox Valley community to gain food systems tools, engage in just and resilient local food systems, and receive equitable access to nourishing food”. The hope is that by empowering community members to care for existing fruit trees, LUSH Valley can improve fruit quality, increase safety and ease of harvest, and continue to share the harvest with our community. LUSH Valley has a high standard for the fruit being distributed through programs, and recognizes that higher fruit quality starts with improved tree care.

For more information or to register, visit lushvalley.org/events or phone 250-331-0152.

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